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Acupressure Therapy Sandals 🦶BYRIVER Foot Massage Plantar Fasciitis Relief Review #review #health

Emphasizes #massage #slippers #health #review

Massager Method: These Slipper Are Mostly Used In Pain Relief, Improving Blood Circulation, Strengthens Immune System, Preventing Illness, Helpful In Excretion Of Toxic Substances, Decrease Muscular Tension, Improves Digestion/Uptake Of Oxygen/Sleep, Provide Deep Sense Of Relaxation, Increase Energy Levels, Improves Concentration, Develops A Positive Mental Outlook, Helpful In Cancer Too.
Kind: Accupressure
Source Of Power: Manual
Shade: Black, Brown

In The Box

Item Details
Version Name
Shoes Solution for All Problems
as well as Dual Benefits for Men Women
( SIZE- 6).
Black, Brown.
Acupressure Massage Slipper.
Foot Massager Acupoint Massage.
Slippers Reflexology.

Sales Package
1 Pair Acupressure Slipper