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Medication Routes of Administration and Medical Abbreviations | Nursing NCLEX Review

Medication routes of administration and medical abbreviations nursing NCLEX review.

As a nurse or healthcare professional, you’ll need to know some of the common routes of medication administration, as well as abbreviations used to identify those routes.


Before using abbreviations, it’s important to check your facility’s protocols, as abbreviation use can vary. Most healthcare facilities keep a sheet of approved abbreviations for nursing and other healthcare staff.

Some common medication administration routes/abbreviations include the following:

PO (by mouth)
NPO (nothing by mouth)
Bucc (buccal)
IV (Intravenous)
IVPB (intravenous piggyback)

NGT (Nasogastric Tube)
TD (transdermal)
ID (Intradermal)
Subq (Subcutaneous)
IO (Intraosseous)
ETT (Endotracheal tube)
Rect (Rectal)
Vag (Vaginal)
PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy)
INH (inhaled)
and more…


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