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Sunlight: Optimize Health and Immunity (Light Therapy and Melatonin)

Roger Seheult, MD is the founder as well as lead teacher at
He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care, as well as Sleep Medicine and also an Associate Professor at the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine.

Sunshine offers a lot greater than simply Vitamin D: pick up from Dr. Seheult of concerning the myriad of gain from maximizing our direct exposure to light.

This video clip was taped on January 21, 2022


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Beaming the Light on Sunshine (Clinical Endo)|

0:00 Intro
6:50 The solar range
13:00 Circadian rhythm highlights as well as graph
15:15 What is controlled by body clock
16:30 Circadian dysregulation
22:30 Circadian master clock
26:41 Blue blockers
29:15 Light & state of mind guideline & seasonal depression
31:14 Dawn simulation light and also light treatment box trial
35:45 Light & cortisol
38:15 Melatonin from the pineal gland
42:00 Morning dos and also do n’ts.
44:00 Evening dos and also do n’ts.
48:30 Mitochondria & melatonin.
49:45 Melatonin all the time.
51:00 Details of melatonin manufacturing.
59:00 Melatonin recap.
1:02:30 Infrared radiation.
1:20:45 Sun direct exposure & cancer malignancy threat.
1:26:00 Sunlight passes through bone & mind.
1:29:00 Sun direct exposure and also Covid-19.
1:40:00 Infrared prevented by glass.
1:43:00 Infrared recap.
1:53:00 Summary & ideas.

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Video Clip Produced by Kyle Allred.
Many Thanks to Amanda Taylor, PA-C.

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