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PHYSIOTREX® New Branded UST 5 Led Therapy Machine

Encourage the synthesis of proteins inside the cells lymphatic drainage with cellulite reduction regenerate wounded tissues accelerate the metabolism of cells Therapeutic ultrasound provides therapeutic deep heat treatment for relaxation reduce swelling and inflammation

Standard Accessories:- Ultrasonic Applicator 1 PC,Main Cord 1 PC, Unit Cover 1 PC, Instruction Manual 1 PC

Output mode continuous/pulse(1:1, 1:4, 1:7, 1:10), intensity maximum 3w/cm2, Timer 01 ~ 99 minutes programmable

The unit is absolutely compact lightweight device, designed with micro-controller based electronic solid state technique and assembled in powder coated metal chassis, very variable and convenient for clinical use, comfortable for visiting consultants, long running use and personal as well as professional purpose.

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